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Ice Crystals

Thoughts Frozen In Time

4 September
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I'm a thirtysomething woman living in Chicago with a paladin and two cats. I am an IT monkey by day, and a bundle of flailing squee by night. I write (fanfiction and original fiction), I read a lot (fantasy and romance, better if combined), and I play all the video games. I have a particular love for Final Fantasy and Shin Megami Tensei. This journal is a mixed bag of real-life adventures and mishaps, video game squee, writing, and nonsense.

On content: I make an effort to place triggering content behind a cut tag. If there is something in specific that I do not warn for and should be, please let me know. Four-letter words abound, and there may or may not be discussion of sex in varying detail (such will always be behind a cut-tag with appropriate content notes.)
3 doors down, abyssal exalted, alcuin no delaunay, art, arya stark, ashelia b'nargin dalmasca, balthier, balthier/ashe, books, british isles, buffy the vampire slayer, celes chere, celtic literature, celtic music, celtic myth, changeling: the dreaming, complex characters, computers, cooking, crossover multiverses, daenerys targaryen, dance, demon: the fallen, divination, drace, dragon-blooded, dragons, edge/rydia, elizabeth barrett browning, elizabethan era, embroidery, evanescence, exalted, faeries, fanfic, fanfiction, final fantasy, final fantasy iv, final fantasy ix, final fantasy tactics, final fantasy vi, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, final fantasy xii, firefly, fran, gabranth, gabranth/drace, games, gemstones, general beatrix, george rr martin, goddesses, gods, history, imriel de la courcel, irish history, ivalice, jacqueline carey, james clemens, jon snow, joscelin verreuil, joss whedon, juliet e. mckenna, juliet marillier, kain/rydia, kushiel's legacy, larp, larsa ferrinas solidor, literature, locke cole, locke/celes, mage: the ascension, mage: the sorcerers crusade, magic, medieval history, melanie rawn, melisande shahrizai, michael ball, music, mythology, neo-paganism, occult, ogham, pagan, patricia kennealy morrison, phedre no delaunay, plantagenet family, poetry, reading, reddas, religion, renaissance, rohan, role playing, role-playing, roleplaying, rpgs, runes, seifer, shakespeare, sioned, sky pirates, storytelling, tarot, templars, the lion war, the night court, tudor dynasty, ultimecia, vampire: the masquerade, vayne carudas solidor, video game meta, video games, vossler york azelas, web design, westeros, wicca, witchcraft, wordsworth, world of darkness, writing, yeats, zack/aeris